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Building Wiring &Electrical Supplies

Building wiring is the electrical wiring and associated devices such as switches, meters and light fittings used in buildings or other structures. Electrical wiring uses insulated conductors. Wires and cables are rated by the circuit voltage, temperature and environmental conditions (moisture, sunlight, oil, chemicals) in which they can be used, and their maximum current. Wiring safety codes vary by country. Colour codes are used to distinguish line, neutral and ground (earth) wires. Materials for wiring interior electrical systems in buildings vary depending on: Intended use and amount of power demand on the circuit

-Type of occupancy and size of the building

-National and local regulations

-Environment in which the wiring must operate.

We do all kinds of electrical supply materials and equipments. These include, supply cables, fuses, sockets, junction boxes, tubes, bulbs, single core cables, ballasts, complete fittings, starters, starter holders, power supply transformers, LEDs, ….etc

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