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Hydropower and Dams

Freshon Energy Solutions is committed in the development and design of hydropower projects. Our experts and other development partners provide fully integrated project planning, feasibility, design, project management and operations/maintenance services to our hydropower clients. Freshon Energy solutions Limited together with our partners consistently deliver new technical solutions to our hydropower clients through a collaborative and open work style where we develop a strong appreciation of the project's requirements. Our technical knowledge and experience is supported by the project management capability we bring into major projects, incorporating sustainability and safety principles to meet client and community needs. We have proficiency in all types of turbines and work on plants ranging in size from less than 1 MW to more than 100 MW. Our work ranges from:

  • River basin studies and sustainable water resource planning
  • Hydrological,topographical and geotechnical investigations
  • Hydraulic studies and modeling
  • Dam, reservoir and water conveyance engineering
  • Reservoir optimization and design
  • Generation output modeling
  • Power plant design and refurbishment
  • Transmission lines, substations and system analysis
  • Controls and automation
  • Floodplain and inundation mapping
  • Dam safety evaluations
  • Asset valuations and management. 

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