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Ensuring human comfort, productivity, and safety, while practicing environmental stewardship is the purpose.  Freshon Energy Solutions Limited covers one of two broad areas in Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning (RAC):

   A)Refrigeration – This involves designing, installing and maintaining cooling systems in places like supermarkets, restaurants, hospitals, food processing plants and factories

  B)Air-conditioning – This involves installing and servicing the systems that control air quality, temperature and humidity inside offices, schools, leisure complexes and other modern buildings.

We design RAC systems, survey of buildings where cooling systems are to be fitted and discuss requirements with customers. As players in this industry, Freshon Energy Solutions Limites is at the forefront of protecting the environment. We employ renewable energy technologies to improve energy efficiency, and special types of gas that don’t harm the ozone layer. We also take a prior initiative of advising our customers on how to reduce their energy consumption.

Air-Condition System

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