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Solar Energy Solutions


Photovoltaic (PV) technologies convert the sun’s energy into electricity. Off grid PV systems are designed to store energy in batteries to be used later, while those tied to the grid (grid-tie PV systems) utilize the utility grid for storage of energy. Grid-tie PV systems can also be installed with battery backup to allow for the convenience and financial benefits of a grid-tie system and the peace of mind that your solar array will still provide electricity for your home during a grid power outage. Freshon Energy Solutions provide homeowners with different photovoltaic options to help them completely cut down or reduce grid energy usage. Based on the customer requirements and site conditions, our designed systems can meet any need or specification, ranging from 20% of our customers energy usage to 100%. Freshon Energy Solutions utilizes expert design to implement off grid PV systems tailored to the specifications of your home. Your PV system will utilize the newest, most efficient off grid integration techniques to provide continuous power to any and all home appliances. Off grid projects can be designed in any number of ways. A detailed consultation is necessary to determine what is appropriate for your home.


Commercial photovoltaic (PV or solar electric) applications are becoming increasingly common. Freshon Energy Solutions offers full engineering and consultation services for your project. Solar arrays can be integrated into almost any aspect of your business landscape, from rooftops and carports to ground mounted arrays and unique translucent glass facades. Power production can range from a small percentage of your overall usage to every bit of your energy requirements.


Solar thermal technologies convert the sun’s energy into usable heat by heating water, air, or other storage media. Solar hot water systems generally provide the quickest payback of renewable energy products with the smallest up-front investment. Solar hot water systems may also provide the most significant CO2 reductions per dollar spent. Before deciding to pursue solar hot water it is important to identify a consistent need for the heat generated. For most of our customers, domestic hot water is just such a consistent application. With a daily need for hot water, solar makes sense.


Solar hot water systems can substantially reduce the energy costs of commercial processes that use hot water. Cost effective systems can be designed for most applications that require heat. Uses include commercial cleaning processes, evaporators, heat exchange, public swimming pools, hospitals and more. Once a need is identified, Freshon Energy Solutions will work to design a solar hot water array tailored specifically to your application.

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