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Solar Street Lighting

Integrated solar LED lights advantages

Integrated solar LED lights: that the solar panels, LED lights, batteries, control systems concentrated in one housing, leaving only an external switch, turn on the switch will be able to work, without any adjustment.

  • Environmental protection and energy saving: on Earth as an inexhaustible and clean and safe energy, solar energy will be the best source of energy. Semiconductor lighting using a semiconductor light-emitting diode (LED) providing a solid source, energy saving, long life, environmental protection and other features, has become the history of mankind after lighting incandescent, fluorescent new leap; at the same time, it has overcome the traditional street lighting power, short life shortcomings. Therefore, the combination of solar energy and LED lighting produced by solar LED lights has caused wide concern.
  • Small quantities : integrated solar LED lights, each is an independent power supply system, do not pull the mains cable, save a lot of project costs, the use of one-touch intelligent switch, no wiring in the lamppost, digging buried batteries, adjustment controls; do not consider low-lying water problems, battery anti-theft problem.
  • Ease of use and low maintenance costs: The company developed solar street light control system, with full software control, good stability, high charging efficiency, while automatically white off night light, time control, power control. Integrated solar LED lights an investment, no maintenance fees, batteries with large capacity, small size, high temperature lithium iron phosphate battery life up to 5 - more than eight years without replacement.
  • Beautify the environment: solar LED lights are a beautiful landscape and beautify our living environment......


Application Site

Any sunny parking lot, urban, rural, scenic roads can be installed. Other places are; Courtyards, parks, farms, etc., easy to install, no wiring, can be installed locally or pole mounting on the wall.

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